Enjoy a relaxing vacation and have your dental procedure done for less than what you woul pay at home

General Dentistry



Oral Exam

Free with any treatment

Extensive evaluation and recording of all extraoral, intraoral and soft tissues of the mouth.

Teeth Cleaning

As low as: $55USD*

Regular cleanings help remove plaque and tartar build-up and prevent you from getting periodontal diseases.


As low as: $55USD*

Restoration of lost tooth structure with porcelain or resin materials.

Tooth sealant

As low as: $28USD*

Composit material placed over the teeth, creating a barrier against plaque and bacteria. According to a recent report by the Surgeon General, sealants can help prevent tooth decay by up to 70%.


As low as: $690USD*


Bad breath treatment

As low as: $94USD*

Ultrasonic & manual cleaning, flossing, polishing and brushing techniques

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